EMCOS s.r.o. (Ltd.) was incorporated in 1993 as a private company by exclusion of the then biggest plant for production of low voltage switchgear in the Czech Republic.
The company is located in Teplice, a region with a long-term tradition of electric-engineering industry.
The former focus on compensating devices has been expanded to a complete range of low voltage switchgear.
A service and measuring group has successively been teamed up, equipped with the latest measuring and analysing technology for distribution systems.
In 1999, the production of high voltage compensation switchgear started.

The ISO 9001:2000 quality management system was implemented in 2000 for the production and development ofswitchgear.The quality of products and customer satisfaction is reflected in the growing volume of production and services, currently exceeding 1.2 million EUR.
EMCOS is a stable and promising manufacturer of switchgear and constantly reinforces its market position.


EMCOS s.r.o. is a traditional manufacturer of low-voltage switchgear.
The production is divided into custom-made production of low-voltage switchgear and production of typicalcompensating switchgear. The low voltage switchgear is designed for voltage up to 1,000 V with transfer rate up to 3,200 A.
Today, the range of compensating switchgear includes almost 250 design-processed and manufactured types, including quick contactless STYKOS compensation.
Each product is subject to the most stringent inspection and meets the requirements of European standards.The whole production process is subordinated to the resulting quality, commencing with structural processing in a CAD system through conscientious selection of device subcontractors up to demanding final inspection.
EMCOS tries to fully meet market requirements and, in addition to high-end technical parameters, the company offers short delivery deadlines for complete supplies of low voltage switchgear and compensations.
The seat and production spaces of the company are located in the RVM industrial area in Teplice with sufficient capacity for further expansion.


We design and manufacture for 400V to 6kV distribution systems according to the individual facility requirements.
Standard Power Factor Correction Equipments MINIKOM, MINIVARKOM, VARKOM
Detuned Power Factor Correction Equipments F-KOM
Thyristor–controlled detuned power factor correction equipments STYKOS
For more detailed information about our products please feel free to contact us.

Human resources

Employees with long-term experience in the development, design and productionof low-voltage switchgear and compensating equipment form the base of our company. In the course of development and expansion of activities, the working team has been reinforced with designers, developers and electricians.
Today, EMCOS employs more than 20 people. The industrial region of Northern Bohemia provides a good background for selecting new employees with an electrical engineering education.
Within the quality management system, great attention is paid to the systematic education of employees, of which integral parts are regular electric-engineering training and lessons.


The most significant asset of our company is its ability to adapt to the individualrequirements of each customer and to offer a wide range of services. Particularly in the field of compensation power factor, we can provide assistance in solving the most complex technical issues.
Stable customers of our switchgear are both end users and large electric-engineering companies.

Our switchgear is installed e.g. in these operations:
Lovochemie, a.s. Lovosice
Chemopetrol, a.s. Litvínov
Glaverbel Czech, a.s. Teplice
Škoda Auto, a.s. Mladá Boleslav
Best, a.s.
Lhoist Central Europe, a.s.
Wagon Automotive spol. s r.o.
Magna Cartech spol. s r.o.
Tarmac, a.s.
Carrefour chain and others.
EMCOS s.r.o. realizes direct export of controlling switchgear for Serigstrad Agri a/s Bryne, Norway
and now, the company strives to sell its products in EU member countries.


All equipment is manufactured and tested to the appropriate standards of ISO 9001:2009

Certificate ÈSN EN ISO 9001:2009
ITI TÜV - Certificate No 0183-1
TÜV SÜD CZ - Certificate No 0183-2
TÜV SÜD CZ - Certificate No 0183-3
TÜV SÜD CZ - Certificate No 01.891.060
TÜV SÜD CZ - Certificate No 06.592.024
TÜV SÜD CZ - Certificate No 08.961.623



EMCOS s.r.o.

Nákladní 1032
41501 Teplice
Czech Republic

GPS Loc:
N 50°39'00", E 013°49'46,5"
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